Friday, November 17, 2006


Does Raro=Terrible, Inept, Bad? They are terrible as a team and looks like there is no end in sight. Lost 4 straight since that mutiny left them with 2x the people. Best part was seeing Candice sent to Exile Island and her crying "It's hard to have people you like wanting to see you suffer.'' Well, maybe you should've stuck with your friends a little longer! The Immunity challenge was a nice lesson in how to lose as anything that has to do with swimming, running or breathing causes Raro a lot of trouble. A twist was added as a message a bottle was to be read by the losing tribe after Tribal Council. I was waiting for Jeff to throw it to Raro before the challenge just out of habit. Raro made it close but lost again and had to decide who to vote out. Jenny said that they were going to vote based on performance. I immediately thought that would be tough as they all SUCK! The rumblings were that Rebecca (who's last name happens to be Borman, go figure) was going home. During council, Jeff said he had heard that Jonathan was quite the fisherman. Jonathan had a stupid grin on his face and said "yeah, in the last 2 days I've caught about 22-25 fish." Jeff had a suprised look and Jonathan added "And I bench 175 lbs." No, he didn't say that, but you could tell he wanted too. But our fears became reality as Rebecca was voted off. But what of the message in the bottle? In a fantastic twist, they then had to vote of another member. Jenny was deemed expendable and kicked off, but not before she gave her old tribemates a 1 finger wave goodbye. This was a good episode if for only to make me dislike Raro even more. Nate better be very scared for next council. Raro cracks me up because they are lazy and hate people who lead. Good luck in your life of smoking dope and living with your parents.

"The Office" was outstanding once again. I loved Andy and Dwight. It should add a good dynamic to the Scranton Crew. To go over the "SUPERSIZED" episode would take too long. Your thoughts?