Thursday, November 09, 2006

Survivor with Spoilers

I alomost missed the begining of "Survivor" because of the great Louisville/Rutgers game. Thank goodness for Picture-in-Picture. With Ozzie catching that bird last week, I was expecting him to walk out of the jungle with a slain Tiger or something. With the explanation being that he wrestled it to the ground a killed it with his bare hands. Couldn't believe Jonathon and Candice jumping to the Raro. Especially with what they had going with Aitu and Tarzan...or Ozzie. Now I'm all for Aitu anf they killed the reward challenge. Adam and Nate were leading Raro on the challenge. I'll tell you, if you gave them a map and both their hands they probably wouldn't be able to find their own faces. How about Yul swimming with glasses? When Jonathan got with the other tribe back at camp, I was thinking he wasgoing to start giggling and sweating like somebody on a bad first date. I really think that Raro is full of incompetants. They get 2 more Survivors and still get smoked. The look of disgust when Raro lost was priceless. Back at Raro camp they were deciding who to send home. Nate and Adam's discussion was reminiscent of a slumber party, I was waiting for Adam to ask Nate if he thought Candice was cute and to ask her if she liked him more than a friend. Nate decided to play a "Denzel" on Brad to make him think they were an alliance. Do you think he plays Denzel when he's selling shoes? He must be amazing at it. But in the end, Brad went home and found out he was the 1st member of the Jury. It should be interesting especially now that Aitu is REALLY motivated now.

"The Office" was my favorite this season. The opening scene was outstanding. Pretty much every scene with Michael and Dwight was great. I judge "The Office" by how many times a rewind scenes because they are hillarious and there were a ton in this episode. I'm starting to like Karen and Jim...although I know I'm in the minority. Looking forward to scenes with Andy and Dwight. Who do you think is the best character on the show. I'm leaning toward Dwight. What were your favorite scenes?