Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catch Up

Its been a long time since I posted. I get so busy with work, school, and Abby that I forget to update. We are doing well. we are loving this Vegas spring weather right now. Abby loves to play outside in the back yard or go to the park or on walks. She is growing every day and her vocabulary expands practically every day too! She loves to say NO! She loves kitties and doggies espcially her grandmas and of course her best bud Jack. She has been going to nursery now for about 2 months because Greg and I both teach so they let her go early. She loves it and goes in there with no problems. She is soo much fun right now and we love her to death, even when she throws a major tantrum (which happens often).
We went to California back in January so the pics are below. We went to the LA Zoo and also to the Ronald Reagan Library. It was sooo cool! We got see and go onto Air force One and see many other cool things.
This is her "cheesy" smile

She loves to outside!

She had so much fun shooting baskets with Daddy in Cali!

The view from the Ronal Reagan Library

We started putting bubbles in her bath and she loves it! She even knows which bottle is for bubbles!

Air Force One

Reading with Grandpa

Walkingat the LA Zoo with her cousins

These monkeys were kissing eachother and "whispering" to eachother. Abby started copying them and trying to kiss me

The Mom and baby Koala, Greg took this pic it is soo cute, you can barely see the baby's face

The Zoo