Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't have much to update on so I just thought I would post some pics. She just keeps changing and changing every day. We can't get enough of her. She rolls like crazy now onto her stomach but still cannott get back. She is sleeping on her tummy now too. Just chillin on the couch in her Hurley Jeans that Grandma Erin bought her for Christmas!!

Her new Jenny Jumper. She likes to twirl around and dance on her toes when she's in this, it is so cute.

Hanging out with Jack!

She is almost sitting up by herself. We still need pillows around in case she falls back. I decided to put this bucket of toys in front of her and she loved it. She didn't know what to do there werew so many toys (thanks to my aunt Teresa and cousin Carina). It acutally helped her stay up better too. Hopefully soon we will be able to take away the pillow.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! We had a good holiday season. We went to California for christmas and then the weekend after new years we went to St George. We loved spending time with family. Abby had a good Christmas. She mostly liked to eat the presents and wrapping paper. Now we are all set for a new year. Abby is growing sooo fast. In St George last weekend she decided to roll over finally!!! Now she does it every time she is on her back but she can't get back off her stomach so she gets mad. Its funny because she rolled that way like 2 months ago but won't do it again. We had to stop solid foods for a bit because she started throwing up. Has anyone experienced this? I think I gave her baby food too fast and need to stick with rice cereal for a while. Work is going well for me and Abby is loving spending time with dad!! (dad is going insane). ha ha These are the pictures we gave to the grandparents and great grandparents. Thanks to Whitney for the outfit!!

I swear this is the only pic we have of the three of us. THis is the day it snowed here.

Abby having fun with great grandpa "Pop" !!

Abby getting licked by her very favorite thing, "JACK"

Here is the video of Abby laughing at Jack. He is the only one who can make her laugh like this. It finally downloaded!!