Sunday, May 09, 2010

Catch Up

I keep waiting so long to post! Pictures from Easter are at the bottom. I had to work on Easter so we had a little egg hunt for Abby the FRiday before. I didn't know if she would get it but she loved it especially when she realized the eggs had candy! We have been to St george a couple of times to go swimming! Abby started her mommy and me swimming lessons. They are kind of silly but she likes it. She is such a fish, she just wants me to let go of her! Other than that nothing else is going on. I am off of school for the summer and Greg willl done at the end of JUne! HOpefully he willl get a job quick! Right now we are just enjoying this wonderful weather and getting excited for the pools to open for the summer! Abby just keeps growing and growing! She talks better each day, we love her sooo much! Goofing around in the wind!

Looking at eachother under the water. It took her a bit to figure out the goggle thing!

Hanging out with "bampa"

MMmmmm Peanut Butter!

This is a place in St George, it is so fun for kids!

Figureing out that there is candy in the eggs!

Looking for eggs!