Friday, December 01, 2006

Here is Jack by the Christmas tree. He hasn't tried to eat anyhting off of it yet but we will see. He is very curious. Tomorrow is his 1 year birthday!! We got him a doggie cake shaped like a bone!! ha ha That just shows how nerdy we are. What can I say, he is part of the family.

I love Christmas!!! I am so excited that the holiday season has begun. I have been going crazy with christmas decorations. I think I take after my mother (she is way better at it though). I had to go help her get ready for her party. We decorated her whole house and if any of you remember our house in Salt Lake you know how elaborate my mom decorates. It was way fun though. For some reason this year I have been on a silver and red kick. I also got a new piece to my nativity scene. And I love christmas music too!! The new Sarah Macglachan (?) christmas cd is so good. Anyway, enough blabbering about how psycho I am about Christmas. HOpefully this holiday season is a good one and we can all remember the true meaning, the birth of the saviour.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Does Raro=Terrible, Inept, Bad? They are terrible as a team and looks like there is no end in sight. Lost 4 straight since that mutiny left them with 2x the people. Best part was seeing Candice sent to Exile Island and her crying "It's hard to have people you like wanting to see you suffer.'' Well, maybe you should've stuck with your friends a little longer! The Immunity challenge was a nice lesson in how to lose as anything that has to do with swimming, running or breathing causes Raro a lot of trouble. A twist was added as a message a bottle was to be read by the losing tribe after Tribal Council. I was waiting for Jeff to throw it to Raro before the challenge just out of habit. Raro made it close but lost again and had to decide who to vote out. Jenny said that they were going to vote based on performance. I immediately thought that would be tough as they all SUCK! The rumblings were that Rebecca (who's last name happens to be Borman, go figure) was going home. During council, Jeff said he had heard that Jonathan was quite the fisherman. Jonathan had a stupid grin on his face and said "yeah, in the last 2 days I've caught about 22-25 fish." Jeff had a suprised look and Jonathan added "And I bench 175 lbs." No, he didn't say that, but you could tell he wanted too. But our fears became reality as Rebecca was voted off. But what of the message in the bottle? In a fantastic twist, they then had to vote of another member. Jenny was deemed expendable and kicked off, but not before she gave her old tribemates a 1 finger wave goodbye. This was a good episode if for only to make me dislike Raro even more. Nate better be very scared for next council. Raro cracks me up because they are lazy and hate people who lead. Good luck in your life of smoking dope and living with your parents.

"The Office" was outstanding once again. I loved Andy and Dwight. It should add a good dynamic to the Scranton Crew. To go over the "SUPERSIZED" episode would take too long. Your thoughts?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Prison Break

Did T-Bag really do that to his hand?!? Is it me or does Michael have a plan for everything? I liked seeing Sucre save the day. What about Marie Cruz? I had this question when T-Bag killed the Vet that put his hand back, how is T-Bag dominating these guys...WITH 1 HAND?!? That Asian guy reminds of the kid at school who would punch you and run to a teacher as you are chasing him. I'll be interested how the next 2 episodes play out. I hope they don't pull a "Lost" and take a long break. I assume they'll take all of December off...hopefully.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Amazing Race" time

It's funny watching the credits for the "Amazing Race" and see people and say "Oh yeah, I forgot they were on the show". The 2 teams for me are the Muslim team that was eliminated after about 5 mins and the married Indian couple who was eliminated about 10 minutes later. Anyway, thank goodness the Cho's are starting to not wait for 'Bama who is turning into one of my least favorite teams. And judging by the previews next week, it will only grow. Do Rob and Kim have a "Babe" quota as to how many times they need to say it in one episode? Do they get some prize? They even call each other that when they are yelling at each other, "YOU'RE WRONG...BABE!!" Rob does have a flair for the dramatic as everytime they miss a taxi, bus, train or plane he exclaims 'That's it, we're done" or some other variation. The show is getting interesting and I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for Rob to blow a gasket and either throw Kim out of a moving car or tackle a team that is ahead of them on the run to a Pit Stop. I'm giving 10 to 1 odds that he'll do one or the other.

AS for my friend Doug, he asked to talk about his show "The Duel" on MTV. Eventhough he never mentions me in his blog...I'm not bitter. There are a few things that I never won't to hear in life:
1. "You're under arrest"
2. "President John Kerry"
3. "You're going against Derek in ..."
I think you should be able to check him for weapons if you're playing him in Monopoly, more or less a competition with a huge monetary compensation. I'm wating for him to pull a knife out and shank somebody soon. When you are picked for this show do they send you a letter that reads the following:
You've been picked to be on "The Duel"! Please meet us at Abercrombie & Fitch to get what you'll be wearing while you're on the show. The accompanying Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue will show you how to wear your clothes while on camera.
This episode was the usual "You don't want to mess with me in the duel, blah, blah, blah" I would have to say that Diem is a favorite to go far as she is a cancer survivor and it seems like nobody wants to challenge her. Is Beth over 40? Best part of the episode was watching people fall in the water. And finally, I'm sure TJ Lavin is a nice guy in real life, but I think a glass of waer could do the same job.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Survivor with Spoilers

I alomost missed the begining of "Survivor" because of the great Louisville/Rutgers game. Thank goodness for Picture-in-Picture. With Ozzie catching that bird last week, I was expecting him to walk out of the jungle with a slain Tiger or something. With the explanation being that he wrestled it to the ground a killed it with his bare hands. Couldn't believe Jonathon and Candice jumping to the Raro. Especially with what they had going with Aitu and Tarzan...or Ozzie. Now I'm all for Aitu anf they killed the reward challenge. Adam and Nate were leading Raro on the challenge. I'll tell you, if you gave them a map and both their hands they probably wouldn't be able to find their own faces. How about Yul swimming with glasses? When Jonathan got with the other tribe back at camp, I was thinking he wasgoing to start giggling and sweating like somebody on a bad first date. I really think that Raro is full of incompetants. They get 2 more Survivors and still get smoked. The look of disgust when Raro lost was priceless. Back at Raro camp they were deciding who to send home. Nate and Adam's discussion was reminiscent of a slumber party, I was waiting for Adam to ask Nate if he thought Candice was cute and to ask her if she liked him more than a friend. Nate decided to play a "Denzel" on Brad to make him think they were an alliance. Do you think he plays Denzel when he's selling shoes? He must be amazing at it. But in the end, Brad went home and found out he was the 1st member of the Jury. It should be interesting especially now that Aitu is REALLY motivated now.

"The Office" was my favorite this season. The opening scene was outstanding. Pretty much every scene with Michael and Dwight was great. I judge "The Office" by how many times a rewind scenes because they are hillarious and there were a ton in this episode. I'm starting to like Karen and Jim...although I know I'm in the minority. Looking forward to scenes with Andy and Dwight. Who do you think is the best character on the show. I'm leaning toward Dwight. What were your favorite scenes?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Lost"...Spoilers below

Don't forget to read my "Vent" below this post. Now on to the "Fall Season Finale" of "Lost". I thougt it was a pretty good episode. Could we get a few more commercials? Especially more "Daybreak" commercials if possible. I'm not feeling these new castaways that have popped up. For 60+ days they are background and now they decide they want to hang with Locke on excursions? We found out more about Kate and they whe was in fact married and named Monica. Is this her 2nd alias? Sawyer is Ford. What's next? Sayid is Doug Chambers? They do look-alike. Anybody notice the flight her husband gave her was for an Oceanic flight? Same one that crashed? When Jack saw Kate I was hoping for Jack to cry (as usual) and scream "I'm in a glass case of emotion!". But the ending sort of perplexed me as Kate mentioned nothing to Jack like "they're about to kill Sawyer" or "Should I take Sawyer?" Have no fear, we will find the 3 months.

Lost hiatus

Before I discuss "Lost", I'd like to vent about 1 thing. For some reason, "Lost" is coming back with "All new episodes, 16 weeks, No Repeats", not in 2 weeks or 1 month, but on February 7th! Is this the best the writers/producers of this show can come up with? They can come up with all these twists and Turns on the show, but when it comes to airing the episodes back-to-back, the best they can come up with is "Maybe we can show 6 straight new episodes and then, I don't know, wait 3 months to show the rest?" The Producers said that they were tired last year of telling a story for a month and then having to wait 3 weeks to pick it up because of repeats. Solution? Wait 3 months instead. It's like being cold and deciding to light yourself on fire to keep warm. Couldn't we have started the season a little bit later? It works for 24. Anyway, vent complete

Monday, November 06, 2006

For our Monday Night Shows. Becca and I refer to them as FHE. First off is Prison Break. Prison Break is one of those shows we heard about, but didn't watch until the 1st season was on DVD. It turned out to be a gold mine! The episode tonight was pretty good as Sara and Michael were finally reunited, but the fireworks didn't fly. We are both getting tired of Bellick and his guard buddy. I wouldn't mind if they both disappeared. Is Michael going to forget about the $5 million and just go to Panama? Or does he have an emergency plan tatooed on his left thigh? One question that we had was when they saw Mahone coming at them, why did they take Michael's old beater of a car and not Sara's fine piece of machinery that is the Ford Taurus? Next week looks interesting as Michael tells some mystery person it is time for their part of the bargain. What's Next? And where the HECK is Haywire? Is he really sailing to Holland or whatever with that dog?

The 2nd show I watch is Justice. It is a Crime/Law drama that goes through all the steps of a case starting with somebody finding the poor soul who has been offed. It goes through the fact finding, interviews, trial and verdict. The thing I like about it is the last 2 minutes of the show is devoted to what actually happened, so you get to see the crime and find out if the right decision was made by the jury. It's entertaining and kinda fun to see what actually happens. I know we are losers, we are a slave to our shows!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sorry, I wanted to point a couple of things out. This is Greg, not Becca, and since she never writes anyhting, I decided to write. Maybe we can find some common shows. Also, at end of my post I misspelled "write" and wrote "right" instead. My Bad.

For fear of boring all the LOADS of people who read this blog, I've decided to write about the TV shows that I/we watch, starting first with "The Amazing Race". Not sure how many watch it, but we really like. I find these reality shows nice as it is a competition, so it isn't the same every time. If you dn't watch it, it's pretty good. Our favorite team right now is the Cho Brothers who continually look out for their friends they've made on the race. Sometimes Becca and I can't understand their undying loyalty. Who knows, maybe the good Karma will come back to them. Kentuckians Dave and Mary were eliminated the this week. The were nice people, but I didn't see them advancing much farther. The Cho Bros. finished 4th and hopefully they pick it up on the next leg of the race. Why our admiration for the Chos? During the leg in Vietnam, they had to get a clue in the "Hanoi Hilton". All other 10 teams ran in side and got their clue and hurried out, while the Cho Bros stopped at a display of Senator John McCain's Flight suit he wore while being held captive while serving in Vietnam. They took a moment of silence to honor all our brave service men. Classy move on their part and they have been our favorite's ever since. I will right more as we watch our shows this week

Saturday, October 21, 2006

This is our cute little guy Jack sitting in the love sack. He has taken it over as his own. He weighs in at 91 lbs. He is still a puppy inside but on the outside he is a giant. He is such a good dog (except when he eats my flowers) and a big part of out family. We are totally dog nerds now!! ha ha

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rebecca Church RN

Well, its official, i am a registered nurse. I took my boards on Friday and found out today that I passed!! I am so relieved. It feels good not to have to worry about anything anymore and enjoy life. I have already been working, kind of. I have been taking a critical care class and getting paid. Now, I will work with another nurse for a couple more weeks and then be on my own. The new hospital that I am going to work at is opening on Nov. 6, it will be exciting. Also, I was hired for night shift but something happened and I ended up getting a day shift position. EVerything is working out. I am so grateful.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well, I finally graduated!! It feels so good to be done with school and know that I can earn good money. I am pretty much a nurse but I have to pass the boards to get my RN lisence. The ceremony was today, August 23. It was way fun. My family came and we went to dinner after. It was a great day!! The time went sooo fast. Now I am going to be bored untill my job starts. (which isn't going to be untill October). I am already feeling bored and its only been one day. haha.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We went to Lake Powell this past weekend and it was sooo fun!! I seriously love that place and always will. We didn't get to go to long because of school and work but it was still good to get away. My dads new boat is pretty cool. HE is keeping it at Powell so hopefully we will go again this year.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey everyone!! I haven't posted forever because nothing new or exciting ever happens here. All I do is work and go to school. I am finally starting to see the light though. I graduate next month, hooray!! Then maybe I will have some exciting things and pictures to post.
WE are going to Lake Powell this weekend. I am soooooo excited!! Hopefully we will get some pics and I can post them. We are going with my family, the Boorman's like every other year. My dad bought a boat!! Its really funny because he never would and then all of a sudden, who knows. I am glad though. Anyway, i'll post some pics next week.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The rooms are amazing!! There is a plasma tv, down comforters, tv in the bathtub, and awesome colors.

Greg and I went to the new REd Rock Casino Resort for our anniversary. It was so beautiful! These are pics from the actual Red Rock Canyon.

A Quick Update

Greg and I are loving life down here in good old Las Vegas. Its way hot but we are surviving. No snow in the winter is well worth the heat. Greg working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the internet sales department and really enjoying it. He hopes to continue moving up the ladder. I am STILL in nursing school but am finally seeing the light. I finish August 23 (not that I am counting). This last semester is extremely busy but I am learning alot and enjoying it. I am doing my final clinical in the Trauma ICU, it is soooo awesome!! I am thinking that is where I want to end up but we will see. I also work as an apprentice one day a week where I learn a ton!!
Last August GReg and I moved into a house in Henderson and we are loving it. Its small but perfect. In January our new little guy arrived. Jack is a rottweiler and he is now 6 months old and weighs in at 70 pounds. He is just like a child and we love him alot.
Overall, we are doing great down here!! EVeryone needs to come visit!!