Sunday, August 26, 2007


This past week we went down to Cali for Greg's neice's wedding. We stayed at his parents house and we did a whole lot of fun things. Jack made the trip with us to. He loves to go see all the kids. We loved the weather too. We just got back today and I am soooo tired!!! Below are some of the fun things we did.

Gregs other neice works at Warner BRos and does tours. We got to go on a tour for free!! It was awesome. Here is me in front of the outside part of the ER set. this is my favorite show so I was excited!!

On the tour we got to go to the WB museum. THe whole top floor is dedicated to Harry Potter!!! It was soooo cool!! We even got to see the Horwars Express, ha ha. This was taken in front of a green screen. They also had the car that Ron and Harry drove after it had been through the Womping Willow. ( I am totally a nerd). They also have a sorting hat so Greg and I got sorted. I got Hufflepuff and he got Griffendor. I think it was rigged. ha ha

I got to see Wicked!!! It was sooo good. I have been wanting to see it forever. I went with Greg's neice Jessica (the one who does the tours). A lady in my in laws ward works for the owner of the Theatre so we got 6th row for $100. It was a good time.

And Last, the wedding. Kendra got married in the San Diego Temple on Friday and the reception was Saturady in Burbank. I absolutely love that temple!!! It is so pretty. It was unbelieveable. We took so many pictures of it. The inside was great too. I wish we could have done a session. She looked so happy. It was a great day. THe reception was very nice too. We had a great week and I am sad its over.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

We do have Mountains!!

Mountains!!! Hooray!! THis is Mt. Charleston. It is about 40 minutes from my house. I have been wanting to go up here forever but just hasn't. So the other day me, Jack and my friend from nursing school went up there for a hike. It was wonderful!! When I got out of the car the smell was heavenly. I thought I was in Utah. The temp was about 20 degrees cooler that Vegas. We went on a pretty good hike too. It felt good to get out of the city. I will definitely do it again. Jack loved it too.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tim and Fath

Last night I went to the Tim Mcgraw and Faith HIll concert at the MGM Grand. It was sooooo good!! I went last year too. I went with a girl that I met at the dog park. Our husbands hung out while we went to the concert. we had really good seats. Tim is very attractive and Faith is an amazing singer. My favorite is when they sing together. Tim also sung his song "If Your Reading THis" that he sung at the country music awards. Such a good song. It was about 4 housrs long all together. So worth the money!!