Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I went to the doctor today and my BP is high!!! It was 130/90 and last week it was 130/80. So the doctor is concerned. I also had protein in my urine. I am now on modified bedrest. I am dialted to a "tight" 2 and 60-70% effaced. (at least some progress). SHe told me to stay on the couch and watch oprah or Ellen, ha ha. Tomorrow was supposed to be my last day at work but she told me I cannott go so I guess I am done with work now for a while!!! HOoray!! She wants me to go to the hospital on Sat and get my bp checked. I asked her is I should bring stuff and hse said I should put it in the car because if my bp is high I will be staying at the hosptal for possible induction. So, It is possible we may be seeing our little girl this weekend!!! For now I will just watch movies and drink lots of water (that is what she said). I will keep everyone posted.

Monday, July 28, 2008

2 weeks left!!

Only 2 weeks left, hooray!! I cannott wait. I wish she would come sooner. I did alot this weekend but nothing happened, ha ha. I guess she will come when she is ready. I am still only dialated to about a 1 as of last Thursday and she said that if my pelvic opening doesn't start stretching I am gonna have a hard time. What great news!! I will probably end up being the one who has to get the c-section. ha ha. I will think positive. I have only one more week of work and I cannott wait!!!!! August 1st is my last day.
Other than just waiting around for this baby to come, not much is going on here at the Church's. We got a new car!! I love it. We needed more room for the baby and our giant monster, Jack. This Jeep will work out great. We got it from Enterprise and got a great deal. Our payments will be the same as our other car so it works out great. I also finally got my crib bedding!! It is in the picture below. I love it!! We still have to decorate the room some more but I am waiting for my mom for that. We just hav eto hang pics and the drapes are being made right now so It probably won't be completely done untill my mom comes here when the baby is born. I am pretty sure she won't mind if her room is not decorated. ha ha At least it is semi organized. I guess we are just in a waiting game now!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Everything is going well down here in Las Vegas. It was sooo hot the week of the 4th I thought I was going to die!! Thankfully when I work I never go outside for 12 hours. I am officially 36 weeks, hooray!! I went to the doc today and she said I was dilated to a 1 (like that means anything) She guessed that the baby was around 6 pound 9 ounces!! I was not expecting that. I know they are usually wrong. SHe said she thinks the will end up being in the 7 pound range. My mom is freaking out because she says there is no way I can get a baby that big out because she had a hard time and so did my aunt. I told here not to jinx me and not to compare me to her. ha ha I can't wait to have this baby!! Also, I had a dream last week that we had a boy!! it was a disaster, I gave all my clothes away to Julie. ha ha When I went to work the next day I called the ultrasound tech who told me it was a girl and made sure that she saw girl parts. She didn't remember because it was to long ago and she thought I was crazy. OH well a healthy baby is all we need. Boys can live in pink rooms right?

Oh ya, we are also getting a new car!!! We need an SUV so we can transport our big giant dog and a baby in a car seat. We are just trading in our other car for a Jeep from Enterprise because Greg gets a deal. I am excited. Back to my old Jeep days.

Greg took a real close up of my belly.

Jack is getting pretty curious too. He keeps going into the baby room and sniffing everything, its pretty funny. Here is him with his nose in the bag of toys.

Checking out the crib. His tongue can fit perfectly through the holes.

Here is him sniffing a diaper. I got one in the mail the other day and he tried to eat it!! He is in for a big surprise.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Alot of Work to Do!!

So here is a picture of my new furniture. The left is my crib that finally got put together (thanks to Greg's brother -in-law). I put the drawer together, ha ha. And the other is the dresser and changing table. I love this furniture and can thank my mom for getting it for us. We also got the kit to change the crib to a toddler bed. Anyway, I have alot of work to do in this room. My mom came yesterday and brought all the stuff from my Utah shower and the stuff my aunt have me and you can see its all over the floor!! So much organizing and work to do on this room still. My mom is getting some curtains made and we are trying to come up with things to put on the walls. I am waiting to get my bedding unitll the end to get the 10% discount and see if I get any giftcards. If anyone has any ideas for the room let me know. It will be fun to get it all put together. 5 1/2 weeks left!! I will show the finished project when its done.
Another funny thing, my mom brought the stroller and car seat also because my grandma was nice enough to buy it for us. We got it all out of the box and put together and my dog is scared to death of it!! He goes to smell it and if you even make a noise or move he jumps back. Its really funny. I guess thats a good thing. I can't believe something is really going to wear and use all this stuff, its so weird to think about.