Thursday, June 21, 2007

Girls Camp

Well, I just got back from girls camp with my ward. I was the camp director!! It was a great 3 days. We went up to a ranch called the Rockin R Ranch in Antomony Utah. It was a beautiful place and full of un things to do. We didn't have to cook or camp. We stayed in a lodge. We rode horses, went river tubing, line dancing, hay rides, rodeos, hiking and much much more. I had so much fun being with those young women. THey are a great group with strong testimonies. I felt like I was back in high school. My job wasn't really that hard either because I didn't have to plan food or hardly any activities. The theme was "Find your beauty within". We did makeovers one night wich was a blast!! We also played alot of "Nerts". Anyway, I had a wonderful experience and got to know some great girls and leaders. Hopefuly they will call me to be a part of Young Womens.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, I have a new addiction. My brother got this new game and told me all about it and I kept saying how I wanted to play it. So, last saturday I came home from work and Greg had bought it for me!!! What a good husband. Anyway, this game is sooo fun and addicting. It is on xbox360 and it is the same idea as the dancing game where you step on the arrows. You have a plastic guitar as your controller and you play real songs. There are 5 buttons where the chords would be played. YOu play as if you are playing in a concert. What a great invention, even though it is consuming my life. ha ha I know I am a nerd because I like video games but oh well. GReg makes fun of me the whole time.

My Baby

I just wanted to put this cute picture up. Since I don't have a baby yet, Jack has to be my baby for now. He is so spoiled and we are such nerds but oh well. We love him.

My brother graduated!!! I seriously can't beieve it. It makes me feel old. It was really fun to see him graduate. As I was watching the ceremony I felt like I had just been in his position. I can't believe its been 6 years. So much has happened since then but it feels like yesterday. I am so proud of my little (but way taller) brother. Congrats!! It was a fun trip to ST GEorge too. Me and Jack stayed overnight (greg had to work) and went swimming in my parents new pool with my dad and brother. We also got to go to Cafe rio!! I love that place. THey are building one in vegas too. hooray!!!!! It is right down the street from me. It may turn out to be a bad thing though because I will always eat it. P.S. That is a really bad picture of me!!