Friday, April 02, 2010

St George

2 Weeks ago we went to St George for over a week because we had to go there 2 weekends in a row so we decided to stay the whole week! We went golfing, shopping, swimming, and did crafts! I finished my ABC quiet book finally, it only took a year! It turned out way cute! We found out that Abby is a fish! We got her these arm floaties and now she swims by herself. She loves it! She won't stop putting her face under! It is so funny! She can also touch in my parents pool so that makes it even better! My mom heated the pool to the 80's! We went to Zion one day which was beautiful! We would like to go back without Abby so we can hike farther and not have to worry about her. She just wanted to walk the whole time! We also went to a mini mission reunion for Greg and Abby got run over by a power wheels hummer/truck!! It was so scary but she was ok, just a couple scrapes. Overall, it was a great, relaxing week. Greg was in Mesquite half the week with his college buddies watching the NCAA tournament. The last photos are just random from before St George.

Zion "River Walk"

Our little princess! She loves these dress up shoes!

Best Buddies!

Look at those Legs! She is always wearing my shoes.

Grandma Church bought this dress at Costco for $15! We had to buy 2 because they were so cute!

Abby and her daddy relaxing!

Do you think she likes corn?

Making cookies with mommy! She looks like Ace Ventura because she took out her pigtails!