Saturday, June 17, 2006

The rooms are amazing!! There is a plasma tv, down comforters, tv in the bathtub, and awesome colors.

Greg and I went to the new REd Rock Casino Resort for our anniversary. It was so beautiful! These are pics from the actual Red Rock Canyon.

A Quick Update

Greg and I are loving life down here in good old Las Vegas. Its way hot but we are surviving. No snow in the winter is well worth the heat. Greg working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the internet sales department and really enjoying it. He hopes to continue moving up the ladder. I am STILL in nursing school but am finally seeing the light. I finish August 23 (not that I am counting). This last semester is extremely busy but I am learning alot and enjoying it. I am doing my final clinical in the Trauma ICU, it is soooo awesome!! I am thinking that is where I want to end up but we will see. I also work as an apprentice one day a week where I learn a ton!!
Last August GReg and I moved into a house in Henderson and we are loving it. Its small but perfect. In January our new little guy arrived. Jack is a rottweiler and he is now 6 months old and weighs in at 70 pounds. He is just like a child and we love him alot.
Overall, we are doing great down here!! EVeryone needs to come visit!!