Friday, December 01, 2006

Here is Jack by the Christmas tree. He hasn't tried to eat anyhting off of it yet but we will see. He is very curious. Tomorrow is his 1 year birthday!! We got him a doggie cake shaped like a bone!! ha ha That just shows how nerdy we are. What can I say, he is part of the family.

I love Christmas!!! I am so excited that the holiday season has begun. I have been going crazy with christmas decorations. I think I take after my mother (she is way better at it though). I had to go help her get ready for her party. We decorated her whole house and if any of you remember our house in Salt Lake you know how elaborate my mom decorates. It was way fun though. For some reason this year I have been on a silver and red kick. I also got a new piece to my nativity scene. And I love christmas music too!! The new Sarah Macglachan (?) christmas cd is so good. Anyway, enough blabbering about how psycho I am about Christmas. HOpefully this holiday season is a good one and we can all remember the true meaning, the birth of the saviour.