Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, we just got back from our cruise!! I made a slide show of it below. We had a great time. Went to St Thomas, ST Maartin, Caracao, and Aruba. My favorite island was St Thomas. It part of the US Virgin Islands. They are sooo beautiful!! We did some snorkeling on St John which is 15 minute boat ride from st Thomas. On Aruba we did a Jeep tour of the island. It is such a weird place. The dutch own it but the people are all caribean people. It is flat and dry and there are cactus's all over. Its way funny!!
On Caracao, we rode in dune buggy's, it was awesome. I didn't really like that island that much. On St Maarten there is a french side and a dutch side. There is nude beach on the french side, ha ha. We did a zip line course in the jungle there.
Overall, it was a way good week. It was fun to spend time with Greg and my family. OH ya, we played alot of bingo and won 400 dollars!! That was pretty cool.
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