Saturday, May 17, 2008

27 Weeks!!

This is 27 weeks and 4 days. I am almost to the 3rd trimester!! Hooray!! It has gone way fast. 3 more months to go. I can't imagine growing for that much longer, I am gonna be huge! So far everything has been great. I feel fine except for occasional sciatic aches and back aches. I am still working 12 hour shifts and doing fine. You can finally see my belly through the scrubs. They are not fitting me anymore but I am putting off buying new ones. Its also getting hotter which is not good. Today I thought I was going to die, I think it hit 100. We went to babysrus and started registering, Greg had a blast!! ha ha I picked out my bedding and I am way excited because it matches my walls perfectly. Other than that nothing much is going on. We get to go to Logan this week for our friend Chad's wedding!! I have not been to Logan for like 4 years, I am way excited to see it and good friends. It will be short and sweet. I am getting jealous of everybody who has had their babies already. I can't wait.