Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I can finally get Abby's hair into ponytails and pigtails!! I am so excited! I think she looks so cute with them! The weather cooled down today (finally!!) so I was able to put her in her birthday outfit from her grandma! It is adorable!
Showing off Her new outfit

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So I haven't blogged for a while!! I tried to the other day and it wouldn't work. Nothing real exciting has been going on so we haven't taken many pictures. I had a birthday and got a new toy (well its Abby's too). It is a bike stroller and it can be a plain stroller and a jogging stroller, it is really cool!! Abby cried the entire time I took her on the bike though, I think she was hot! Other than that Abby keeps growing and growing! She is into everything!! This is her favorite cupboard in the bathroom! She loves to get into my makeup and carry it around the house.
I don't know how to turn this around. This is my new toy as a stroller on top and a bike carrier on bottom!

The "splash Pad". These things are so great! Abby loves it and so do I!! It is very refreshing during the hot days of summer!

These are Abby's new Nike shoes that Greg bought her! She loves them!! She bring them to me so she can wear them around the house!! They are so little!

MOre Splash Pad

Abby loves playing in the rocks in our backyard!

Best Buddies!