Sunday, August 08, 2010

Abby is 2!

Warning: 2 more long posts below! Abby turned 2 on August 3rd I can't belive how time flies! She is such a joy in our lives and we love her so much! She makes me laugh everyday. She can say pretty much anything that you tell her to say. She pust 2-3 words together but can't quite make sentances yet. She can kind of count to ten but she goes from 1- 5 to 7, ha ha. She loves to sing twinkle twinkle, the spider song, and to act out the monkeys on the bed song. She loves swimming and she is a little fish, the other day we were throwing her into backflips (with floaties of course)! Her latest thing is she talks to herself and says for example: "Color, Okay!" or "Drink, Okay". She is very independent and can throw a pretty good tantrum. She won't really let me put her hair in "piggys" anymore but she loves "clips". I have been on a sewing kick lately so I have made her some cute ones. She no longer wants to sit in her highchair and sometimes the only way she will eat is in the tv room watching "little Bear" her favorite show. She also loves Buzz and Woody! She brings her baby most of the time we go anywhere. She loves to pretend she is talking on the phone to grandma or grandpa. There are so many cute and funny things that she does it is amazing. She still lets me rock her before she goes to bed (I love it) and thank goodness she is a great sleeper! Sometimes only Daddy can put her to bed though. She loves to torment Jack, they are like siblings! We just love this little girl! Best buddies
Birthday Party at Grandmas house

Her new baby and highchair

Her new vaccuum

Her new Toy Story Tent

Her new bike from grandma and grandpa that she doesn't know how to ride yet

Her backpack from grandma and grandpa (she loves this)

The Nemo cake

This is the dress I made her ( I was so proud of myself)

4th of July and Salt Lake

I am doing a huge catch up! With three posts in a row. We had Gregs sister, neice and nephew and his mom here over the 4th of July. It was so fun to have them here and Abby really loved playing with her cousins. We went to the Bellagio, went swimming, did fireworks, and just hung around. They live in Indiana so we don't see them very often. Then, I went up to Salt Lake and stayed with my friend Heather who has a new baby Claire. We had so fun hanging out with them and seeing other friends t hat I haven't seen forever. Abby loved baby Claire and even named both of her babies Claire. We went to HOgle Zoo with my aunt Teresa and cousing Carina and Chas. It was hot but fun. We also got to see Karin and Evan, Julie and Hannah, Elisa, Alicia, and Amanda and Millie. Abby loved playing with all the kids. She loved the airplane too but I can't imagine going on a longer flight. We miss being close to all these great friends. Abby and Mille were being so silly playing in this tent and it was past their bedtime so they were even more hyper!
Eating at Olive Garden with old friends Heather, Amanda, and Elisa

Hogle Zoo with Uncle Chas

Riding the train with Carina

The Carosel

Abby and Hannah

Abby and Evan

Loving Baby claire

Holding baby Claire (she is adorable)

At Bellagio garens with cousins Raegan and Tanner

Reading with cousin Tanner

The whole gang at Bellagio

Lake Powell

So, I haven't posted forever! So here is a start. We went to Lake Powell at the end of June so here are a few pics from the trip. Greg stayed home because it was his last week of school and he had to write a paper. We had a great time. Abby loved the water and finally liked her life jacket. It was so nice to get away to my favoritie place in the world with family! My cousin Alex and I swimming acoss the Lake
Abby loves to float on her back in her lifejacket

Her favorite Uncle chas

Riding the waverunner with Grandpa

Hanging out with mommy while everybody else went on a cool hike (its such a bummer having to stay back with kids, ha ha)

Abby would just start wandering off into the cliffs and she would look back and say, "stay". ha ha

She sort of liked tubing