Monday, May 21, 2007

Its been a While

I know I haven't written forever!! I just don't have anything to write about. I swear notning exciting ever happens to me. I am the camp director and am trying to get ready for camp on June 18. We are going to a ranch in Utah. Its so easy!! They do all the food and we get to sleep in a lodge. This is nothing like my girls camps. It will be way fun though. I am excited.
The other day I decided to take Jack to Lake Meade to see if he likes the water and to just get out in the beautiful hot sun. Its only about 20 minutes away. I went by myself but it was fun. We went to a beach and Jack was having a blast running to get the ball in the water. It felt good too. THen I look over at him and he is licking his paw and look closer and the water is red with blood. He had sliced his paw on the very bottom on the pad on a rock or something. He was bleeding everywhere but he could walk fine. So that ended our little adventure. He is fine but he just has an open wound and I covered it today. There was blood trails all over my house.
Anyway, nothing else really exciting is going on. My little brother is graduating on Thursday!! I can't believe it. I am still just working and hanging around. I want to repain my bathroom and guest room so I am waiting for my mom to come help me.
We love visitors so if anyone is coming here anytime soon let me know.