Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol

Okay, so I am a big nerd and am really into American Idol. I just finished watching the girls. There are some pretty good ones but there are like 4 that need to go. These girls keep choosing songs by Whitney, Celine, etc. You just can't sing their songs. Maybe they will get the hint eventually. I really like Lakesha (?), Gina, Melinda, Jhordan, and the last curly haired girl. The others don't impress me. Of the boys I like Blake and Chris Richardson the best (I think he is so cute). ANyway, I know am a nerd but oh well. I gotta go get ready to watch Lost, Probably another disappointing episode. I keep watching it though.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I haven't updated forever because nothing exciting ever happens to me to write about. I am still working at a brand new hospital. It is sooo nice and I really like it and the people I work with. I sometimes feel like I have no clue what I am doing but oh well. I love talking to patients and meeting so many different people.
I work about 3 days a week and the other days I pretty much just hang out. I take Jack to the dog park all the time. THere is kind of a little groupy that goes at the same time every day, its pretty fun. I am also trying to take down some wallpaper in our house that I absolutely hate and then I am going to do some painting. My mom did a home show house in the st george parade of homes and there was a room in there that I loved so I gonna paint one of my rooms the same color.
I just decided that I need to read more. Ever since school I haven't really gotten into it to much. Heidi has inspired me because she is always talking about her books. I have already ready Harry Potter so I gotta wait for the new one. I like mysterys and stuff like that so my dad gave me some suggestions.
Other than work I pretty much don't do anything else to exciting. I really like to go on walks with Jack and enjoy the spring weather. We are going on a cruise to the caribbean in weeks so after that I will have something to wrtie about and pictures to post.
I almost forgot, we are really into tv shows. I am starting agian to watch american Idol (I know I am a nerd). I love Grey's Anatomy, desperate houswives, brothers and sisters, prison break, 24, ER, THe Office, and the amazing race. I look foreward to these shows every week. Its funny how you can get so involved in tv.
Ok, thats all for the update. Heidi, I hope you enjoy it and are not to bored.