Thursday, April 30, 2009


We went swimming at my moms house in St George 2 weekends ago. Abby loved the water!!

Jack was to afraid to jump in the water.

So Chas picked him up and jumped in with him. After that he loved it!

Abby and her cousin Corrina riding in the stroller.

Lemons or LImes anyone. Grandpa gave her these and she loved them. She hardly made a face.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter was a good day but very low key. We had Greg's niece, Jessica here which was fun,. We just went to church, and there was a beautiful music program to remind us what easter is really about. We had a nice dinner and ended the day with a walk in the desert. I didn't have to get Abby a new dress because she has so many in her closet that she has never worn, so I just pulled one of them out. I love this one, thanks Stacey!! We didn't do any easter baskets or anything, but thanks to my mom we got an Easter package on Monday!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

8 Months!!

Abby is 8 months I can't belive it!! She is growing so fast. She is exploring all over the place and I can't keep up. she gets into everything!! She is getting 2 teeth now at the same time. She is starting to stand up to things by herself. Its crazy how much they change. We are loving every minute.
This is what I woke up to this morning. I guess we need to lower the crib now. She was so excited that she stood up.

This is her rocking chair in her room. She tries to crawl under it and gets stuck.

Can you guess who bought this shirt!! This is only the beginning.

LIke father like daughter

Jack and Abby watching me take a shower and pounding on the door. Jack likes to lick the water under the door.

Snow Canyon

We went to St George this past weekend and decided to take a trip up to snow Canyon. It is so pretty up there. We didn't really hike because it was cold so we just drove around and explored a bit. My aunt gave us this pack a while ago but it has been at my moms. I love it!! I can't belive we have waited so long to use it. Abby liked it too.
don't worry, jack got this cactus in his foot and his lip. And I got it in my finger trying to get it out of him. They hurt sooo bad.