Saturday, April 12, 2008

New York City

New York was the second half of our vacation. We took the train from DC which was cool because I have never been on a train. My grandparents were nice enough to give us their Marriott points and we stayed in the Marriott Marquee in Times Square. It was sooo nice!! The location was perfect too. We saw all the typical sites and went on a bus tour. We also saw Lion King on Broadway. It was amazing!! Overall we had a wonderful trip that we will never forget. THe picture to the right is ground zero. This is where the towers would have stood. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more to see down there like a plaque or something. There are fences everywhere too so you can't see anything.

To the right is the empire State Building and to the left is Times square.

Top of the Empire State Building

The STatue of Liberty. We just looked from afar because the line was to long for the ferry around Ellis Island.

Central Park

Greg with Dwight and Michel at the NBC STore
At Rockafeller Plaza.

Eating LUnch in Little Italy Central Park


Ames Family said...

Good for you guys! You were smart to do a "babymoon".

Amanda said...

WOW! I have always wanted to see New York! I'm glad you had such an amazing time! I love that Greg had his picture with Michael and Dwight.I got Brady a bouble(sp?) doll for his birthday last year.

Julie Nelson said...

Did Greg ever do musicals as a child. He seems to me to be the type of kid that did musicals. Let me know. This is Spencer by the way.

Heidi said...

Bec remember when we went to NYC for Carnegie? I was just thinking of that. Good times.

Teigan and Taylor said...

sounds like a great trip! i'm so glad ya'll got to see erika... she said she had a great time! you are an adorable pregnant woman. did greg do ok missing some of march madness? or did he catch all the games anyway?

Whitney Hawkins said...

YEAH FOR THE CHURCHS!!! We are so happy you finally know what it is! 22 weeks? Time is going to fly from this point on... get ready! You're trip looks like it was a lot of fun! Jake and I talked about doing a babymoon, but my husband never planned anything! LAME!

Chambers Family said...

Those were fun pictures... It is such a good idea to do something like that before you have a baby! Why didnt you guys venture to Pocatello Idaho? We have a pretty great zoo here?!? tee hee

Karin said...

I'm so jealous, seriously. Did you get to see a Broadway show?

Elphaba said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time!

Just a tip: if you want to check out a few more Broadway shows on the cheap check out for discount coupons that you can print out or use online that give you more than 50% off (and without waiting till the day of the show)

Hope you keep having a good time. Love reading your blog!

Julie Nelson said...

i like how spencer doesn't "like" to blog but he gets on everyones blogs and posts things under my name.

i love your pics by the way. Any names for your little girl?

somebody said...