Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Fun Day

This is Jack reaching for the ball. He wouldn't go any further.

Here is Sherman getting ready to go for a swim to get the ball.

He loved the sand.

This past weekend Greg went to California for something so I decided to go to St George. My mom had to go to Lake Powell to go get our waverunners from the repair shop so I decided to accompany her. So, me, Chas, my mom, and the 2 dogs headed to Powell. It ended up being a really fun day. We didn't stay long but its all good. We went to Lake Powell beach which is before Wahweap by Lone Rock. We had lunch and let the dogs play in the water. We have always wanted to take them to Powell to see how they like it. Jack was kind of a whimp but Sherman swam out and got the balls that Jack wouldn't go get They had a blast!! The water was freezing and the air was not hot but not cold. We didn't go swimming obviously. It was nice because the water was glass and it was very quiet which isn't usually the case. I will always love Lake Powell even for just a couple of hours.


Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

I'm so jealous! Oh, how I miss Lake Powell, St. George, the Church family, etc.

It was fun chatting the other night! Let's do it again soon!

Amanda said...

I can't believe how differnt Chas looks! No more chubby checks. How fun that you were able to spend some time with the fam.

Did I ever send you my number?

The Roe Family said...

i love lake powell, lake mead just doesn't compare.

Amanda said...

Hey, are you getting my emails? I don't have your number becuase I didn't bring my cell.

The Owens' Crew said...

Hey becca. i just wanted to tell you I took my awful ncelx today. Got 75 ?s. felt ok about it, but who freakin' knows! Thanks for the words of encvouragement. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

Heidi said...

Okay you have two dogs? I just knew about the one... and the other is named Sherman- just like my dad! Hilarious!