Sunday, December 05, 2010


Before Thanksgiving we went to California for almost 2 weeks. (I have no clue how to make this not underlined). We started out in Burbank at Gregs parents and then I flew to Utah for my grandmas funeral while Greg and Abby stayed in Cali and then I flew back to Cali. We then met my parents in Carlsbad at a resort where my parent used there time share points. We had a great time. It rained and was a bit chilly but it was still fun. We went to the beach, Legoland, Sea World, and Wild Animal Park. Abby liked Sea World the best and so did I. It was so fun to see how excited she got when the Whales jumped or she saw Dolphins swimming. My dad was even brought to tears when we were watching the Shamu show seeing how happy she was. It was great to have a vacation and get to spend time with family. The picture above is Abby watching a movie with her grandpa (Gregs dad). She loves to hang out with him.

Helping GRanda in the yard

Wild Animal Park

This a a place where they give you bird nectar and the birds fly all over you. Abby was a bit freaked out.

Walking along the beach every morning.

Running away from the waves

Abby fell in while trying to run from the waves. She was soaked and none of us would go in to save her untill the wave receded back. It was sad!

Walking in her underwear after she got soaked. She would not stay in the blanked.

Feeding the Rays at Sea World

This Walrus really freaked ABby out, she would not come close to the glass


Waiting for the show to start.

This is just a glimpse of here face while watching Shamu.

The Oscar ride at Sea World

Lego Land

This is the "mini" Vegas made out of Legos

Lego Hagrid


Kittyrunner said...

Looks so fun! That's sad that she got caught by the wave--but really cute picture of her walking in her underwear. :) I remember we took Lyss to those parks when she was really little. I think it's amazing how much babies & kids just love animals! Good to see how you guys are doing!

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Amanda said...

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