Sunday, August 08, 2010

Abby is 2!

Warning: 2 more long posts below! Abby turned 2 on August 3rd I can't belive how time flies! She is such a joy in our lives and we love her so much! She makes me laugh everyday. She can say pretty much anything that you tell her to say. She pust 2-3 words together but can't quite make sentances yet. She can kind of count to ten but she goes from 1- 5 to 7, ha ha. She loves to sing twinkle twinkle, the spider song, and to act out the monkeys on the bed song. She loves swimming and she is a little fish, the other day we were throwing her into backflips (with floaties of course)! Her latest thing is she talks to herself and says for example: "Color, Okay!" or "Drink, Okay". She is very independent and can throw a pretty good tantrum. She won't really let me put her hair in "piggys" anymore but she loves "clips". I have been on a sewing kick lately so I have made her some cute ones. She no longer wants to sit in her highchair and sometimes the only way she will eat is in the tv room watching "little Bear" her favorite show. She also loves Buzz and Woody! She brings her baby most of the time we go anywhere. She loves to pretend she is talking on the phone to grandma or grandpa. There are so many cute and funny things that she does it is amazing. She still lets me rock her before she goes to bed (I love it) and thank goodness she is a great sleeper! Sometimes only Daddy can put her to bed though. She loves to torment Jack, they are like siblings! We just love this little girl! Best buddies
Birthday Party at Grandmas house

Her new baby and highchair

Her new vaccuum

Her new Toy Story Tent

Her new bike from grandma and grandpa that she doesn't know how to ride yet

Her backpack from grandma and grandpa (she loves this)

The Nemo cake

This is the dress I made her ( I was so proud of myself)


Heidi said...

cute dress Bec- I am way impressed. Abby is a fun little girl, i'm glad we got to play a little back in June.

Missy said...

Becca, that dress looks so cute! Well done.
And time does seem to just wizz past, Addie turns 1 on 2 weeks! Where does the time go?

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!! Can't believe our little stinks are 2! She is so cute, looks like she scored big time for her birthday. Love her cake too, how fun!!!

Ashley Wood said...

That dress is so cute!! GOOD JOB!! I also love the Nemo cake. Did you make that?