Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This last weekend we went to St George. We were able to hang out with our USU friends Josh and Ashley and Hailey, John, and Grace. It so fun to see them. Abby finally got to meet one of her little friends Grace. She is so cute. She kept trying to climb on Abby and was very interested in her. Abby tried to eat her hand at dinner! Abby doesn't interact with other babies very much so it was fun to see. We also had fun haning out with my fam!
Not much else is going o n. Abby is getting bigger and bigger. She weighed 14lbs 9 oz at her 6 month appt. (she is only in the 25th percentile)She wants to crawl so bad but can't figure it out. She still doesn't nap well, but we are over it. She gets on her stomach and just moves her legs and arms really fast but doesn't go anywhere!! She is eating baby food and not throwing up!! Hooray!! I am still working but am moving to the hospital that is much closer which will be way better. Greg is still doing a great job at watching Abby. He is currently going to University of PHeonix to get his MBA. Other than that our lives are not very exciting. Abby is the most exciting and the best part.

Abby and Jack are best buds!!

Greg took this pic today and it looks like a modeling pose or something.

Abby in her blow up bathtub that she absolutely loves!! I can't beive I didn't get this out sooner.


Jules said...

That bathtub thing is awesome! How funny!!!! That looks like a lot of fun, I want one for myself! hahaha so fun that you got to see John and Hayley and Josh and Ashley! Those pictures of Gracie and Abby are darling! I love it when babies play together, it's the funniest thing. They are so cute! I can't wait to get all 3 of our little girlies together. Fun pics!

Heidi said...

She will probably she crawling before Max! he he he

Max has never been a great napper either and I have always tried to let him rest in the same place at the same times each day. Around 9 months he really started to get better though. He is down to two naps a day but at least one of them will always be about 90 minutes. That is a huge improvement for him! Maybe it will be the same for Abby...

Hayley Neil said...

It was so great to see you guys! Abby is such a doll! I loved watching our girlies playing and interacting together. I just wish we got to see you guys more often.

Tay and Teigan said...

I love that pic of the three of you. Y'all look great. I'm jealous of the St. George trip . . . but it looks like it was so much fun! Wish we got to see you more.

Whitney said...

We're jealous too!! That trip looked like lots of fun with great company! I can't wait for all the babies to be together! Not just the girls! ;)

Kittyrunner said...

cute family picture, Becca!

Chambers Family said...

I have NEVER seen anything like the bath tub duck... I kind of want one, do they come in adult sizes? Abby is getting so big... she is so stinking cute. Why havent I met her yet?

Alison said...

Oh my gosh! I love the tub! Where did you get that? Abby is suchc a doll. It was good to see you guys the other night. we need to get together more often. And I am loving all the clothes. You're the best!

Anonymous said...